Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned

Reflecting on the events of the past 10 days has allowed a few more things to come into perspective for me. Some of the things that I thought I knew and had a good grasp on, moved from the realm of ‘Knowledge‘ into the realm of ‘Learnings‘ because I had the relativeness of Judy’s aneurysm to allow me to move those knowledge points into good learnings. Things like:

What a difference a day makes: Enjoying family, snuggling with grand daughter, socializing with friends, laughing and skiing. Next day; head ache, faint, ski patrol toboggan, ambulance, emergency room, surgery. It is not the days it’s differences that matter.

Don’t sweat the small stuff: Small things to some people may be big things to others, I remember the look on Judy’s face, the sweat that followed the clammy feeling when she first stood at the side of her bed grasping firmly to the hand holds of the walker – there are times when it’s ok to sweat the small stuff.

Life is too short for black socks: Personal brands are tested in tough times. I don’t know where the strength of character came from for me to be strong, confident and resilient, but it came. I’m grateful to have been able to do all that I could, albeit at times feeling helpless even inadequate. Never a day went by that I didn’t ‘stick to my brand’. No black socks.

Take things one step at a time: Easier said than done. It’s about no feeling or movement in the right leg, next day a toe wiggle, next day a leg raise, then standing with assistance, walking with a walker, walking using only the IV pole, then unassisted; today the physiotherapist says come with me, “we are going to try the stairs” – check. A later admission was a bit Whoosie especially coming down.

Work Life Balance: I strived for it. I thought I had it. It’s not really possible. The notion suggests some sort of equilibrium or equality. The learning is its work / life integration. There have been times (many times) when I put work before family – because I needed to. Judy (family) understood and supported me every step of he way. Through this situation I put family (Judy) before work. Work understood and supported me every step of the way. Work / Life integration means work is family and family is work.

Behind every man there is a better woman: Now I get it. You’ve come a long way over these last few days. It was a long road. It was a bumpy road. it was a steep road. Well done my love.

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