Ken Alger

This site is done to share a passion that I have for cooking and enjoying the outcome of that effort with family and friends and now (because of this site) with any of you who afford me the time while visiting this site. 

The recipes found here are tried and true favourites that have gone through many iterations of prepping with welcome critiques and compliments (I will admit I am my own biggest fan but also my most critical judge!).

I’ve grown to appreciate the value of food and meals in our family; my wife Judy and 4 adult children (Jason, Andrea, Julie and Sarah) have added insult and (injury to my ego) with recipes that were tried and didn’t quite work (the first time). Persistence paid off and many have become requested family favourites.   Since I started down this trek we added 4 grandchildren (Aubrey, Lucas, Brooklyn and Brycen) who are fun to cook for and cause me to rethink a few of my options from time to time.   If and when something doesn’t work there is always the grand dogs!!

Deconstructing recipes and then tweaking them as they come back together is something that allows me to share the enjoyment of cooking, not only with dinner guests, but now through this web site. I hope  you’ll try and enjoy, and offer feedback – it is always a work in progress as is anything.

Even in our own family we have Celiac, Gluten Intolerance and Vegetarian requirements that need to be accounted for in the recipes and hence most recipes are Gluten Free and there are many options for vegetarian.

Please connect with me through this website and also I’d be thrilled if you shared it through your groups as well.