Difference between Pretty and Beautiful

Difference between Pretty and Beautiful

This afternoon the Physio therapist was in with a plan to get Judy up and taking a “few” steps. Judy was willing but I would say not fully committed to the plan. She had had a busy morning, the headache was present, the double vision still a factor and fatigue was prevalent….but here we go anyway.

Picture this; my wife, in the finest green hospital gown that government funding can buy – vintage 1930′s, compression stockings (opened toe at that), hair 3 days away from the most recent real attention (I tried to get those gnats out), the walker waiting at the side of the bed encompassing the flat Mephisto walking shoes that would provide the nonskid proof safety for the adventure (no matching catheter bag for these puppies).

With coaching from the Physio lady the rise from the bed to a firm grasp of the walker was a big win from the front anyway – the gaping 12 inch wide opening at the back gives credence to the reason there are more male nurses than there used to be – that wasn’t pretty. Then those steps unassisted save for the walker, that was beautiful, to see Judy actually take those steps that were only 3 days ago a hope and a prayer.

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