Aneurysm – Day 2 (what a difference a day makes)

Aneurysm – Day 2 (what a difference a day makes)

What a difference a day makes. Just as Saturday (day from hell) was hugely different than Friday today is a vast difference from yesterday (day of surgery).

When I left the hospital yesterday around 10, the summary was the surgery was successful in that they we able to confidently repair the aneurism through a coiling procedure, the challenge now remained in the recovery.

Early indications were that movement in the left side was strong (100%), speech was good, tentative but clear, some struggle with short term memory and some confusion with whereabouts and time sensitive questions (this is normal and usually short loved). The was a definite weakness in the right side predominately the right leg that was concerning. Before I left the hospital last evening I chatted with Judy about not being able to move the right leg except for a slight toe movement. She said she knew what had to be done to fix that after having been very involved with her mom’s recovery – patterning, practice and awareness + hard work.

Driving home last night I realized that the road ahead would not necessarily be smooth but I knew both of us were up for the challenges.

When I arrived back this morning @ 7:00 Judy was waiting for me to arrive because she had something to show me – she had be practicing through the night and she could now raise her right leg, and move her foot! This was a big win, not 100% – YET, but it is only T + 1.

Headaches do come on and meds are required to manage that pain. An MRI was done to see if there was any obvious reason for the headaches other than the swelling from surgery and other usual post op expectations (no report yet).

These next few days are key in the recovery process so they are carefully monitoring all sensory, motor and cognitive functions in hopes that any of the blood that was from the bleed is not still lingering and impacting normal brain functions. So far so good.

A physio and occupational assessment is still to be done and the a rehab plan will begin in earnest.

A good day all in all with visits from neighbours and friends. Thanks Lindsay and John, Deb, Maria and all the good wishes and positive vibes being sent this way.

At Notre Dame Hospital


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