“Kinda Like” Recipes (copy cats)

“Kinda Like” Recipes (copy cats)

Week two and I’ve kept my commitment of weekly!    This weeks post will feature some ‘Kinda-Like’ Recipes that I’ve tried to copy from favourite meals that we have enjoyed at a restaurant.    Judy will say “you’ve got to taste this”, “you could make this” and I know that I’ve been given a challenge to replicate a recipe.    I’m always up for a challenge so – one more taste, another review of the menu (there are often tips in the description that will help), a picture before its too far gone, some research and comparisons on line and then Trial and Error.   There have been a few trials and a few errors, but in the end I think we (that Royal We – because until I get Judy’s concurrence that it’s right or better, then it’s not).

I’ve got three chicken recipes here for you to try / enjoy and let me know what you think.    Also, I’d be happy to accept a challenge from you.   What’s you favourite recipe from a restaurant?

The First one that I’ll offer is one from Milestones Restaurant.    I’ve added the mashed potatoes to this one just to give the whole plate a bit more substance.    The combination of flavours – Feta, Balsamic, Spinach, Basil, Tomatoes will not disappoint.

Mediterranean (Milestone Chicken)

Another “Kinda Like” recipe that I like is from our local / favourite restaurant Napoli’s.    It’s one of our favourite things to order when there, even though I think I’ve got a pretty good replication.   You decide, and you might want to make extra sauce and have some break for dipping!

Pollo Penne (Chicken in a Mushroom Cream Sauce)

The next recipe has a bit of a story.   We have enjoyed the sport of Windsurfing for many years.   We used to (pre pandemic) go to Cape Hatteras N.C. twice a year spring and fall.   This place is a must visit place if you’ve not been there before and it is one of the top windsurfing spots in the world – The OuterBanks of N.C..    While there, we enjoy many dinners of fresh fish and seafood.  Nothing better that “caught this morning, cooked that night”.   We usually cook in but we did find a restaurant that we tried called Back Porch Kitchen.   It really felt like you were sitting on someone’s back porch.   It was on the island of Ocracoke, a ferry ride from Cape Hatteras.    We didn’t order seafood or shrimp because this recipe that I’m sharing here caught my eye and I am grateful it did, we used it many times, ourselves and with guests and its one of the most requested recipe on my site.

Pecan Chicken with Bourbon


Remember I’m open to challenges and appreciate all comments that I’ve received on my Blog – let me know what you think.


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  • Christine Stevens
    Posted at 03:01h, 14 February Reply

    They all look so delicious! Do you take requests?

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