Plethora of Pillows (update after 1 week at home)

Plethora of Pillows (update after 1 week at home)

It has been 1 week since leaving the hospital and we are glad to be home. Judy is recovering and very gradually getting some strength and stamina back. Walks in the neighbourhood are longer and farther, but still tiring – the fresh air is welcome especially with the feel of spring in the air. One day this week old man winter resurfaced with snow followed by freezing rain and more rain. With walking being the doctors orders (twice a day), the only way Judy could see to get the exercise in was to answer the call of the elliptical machine from the gym in the basement. “I’ll take it really slow and easy – just like I was walking” less than 10 minutes and the feeling of faint and a major headache told her it was not the right thing to do. I could say I told you so; but that is only going to get me in trouble – more trouble. Judy is a tough one to keep down.

I’ve made it my mission to try to stay one step ahead of her, trying to think like her and what she might think needs attention now – done. It has been working for the most part – the less she does, the more rest she gets and the sooner she will be back to 100%.

My biggest learning has come from making the bed every morning – I never did that in the past, I couldn’t do it properly anyway, so I didn’t. Well now I do. Tucking the sheets in, so tight you can’t get your feet out a night; folding the corners that’s and art (or science) (or math – corners, angles, triangles). It’s all going to be masked by a comforter that gets put on for decoration during the day and then removed to its rightful place on the ottoman for the night (it’s the Estrogel thing!). Then there are those pillows 8 in total (I count them when I take them off, and then again in the morning – god forbid if one goes missing during the toss – I’ve got a couple of 3 pointers!) Placing them on the bed is a feat in itself. Each one has its own special spot. No creativity, no changes, no flexibility. I believe that I have a bit of a let in that 3 of the pillows are square. Square, 4 sides, all sides of equal length, you can’t go wrong no matter which way you place the pillow it has to be right (4 equal sides) – “that’s not how those pillows go”. Who would have thought the middle one was supposed to stand on its corner nestled snuggly between the other 2 that lean against the oblong one (not the solid one, the print). I’m learning and its all for the right reasons.

Headaches are still present, although less intense and requiring less medication. The doctors did tell us that these would last for a while, so not unexpected.

Vision / double vision is still there and causes the biggest worry because it means dizziness and as Judy describes it, it is like things are moving past her like a fast moving subway train.

Stamina and strength are still a ways away from being close to normal; again expected as the doctors told us that it would take 3-6 months to get over this, but very frustrating for Judy. Her words are that she feels frail. It is a lot like a head injury with a concussion, it takes a lot of TIME to recover – just ask Sidney Crosby.

Both Judy and I really appreciate all the ‘random acts of kindness’ from family, friends and neighbours. The flowers, the food, the visits, the calls, the cards are good distractions from the new norm and mean a lot as we think about how lucky we are, and how different things might have been.

Thank you everyone for those positive vibes, good wishes, prayers and whatever else you are sending it has been working and will continue to work wonders.

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