One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest

One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest

Today was a very busy day. We knew we had an appointment with Opthamology to review the double vision issue that has not subsided yet and I hoped to get some work done (TD work). Well there was a hidden agenda, that was kept from us and needless to say I’ll have to defer my TD work until this evening.

Judy was taken down in ‘a chair with wheels’, her description as she doesn’t think she is of the age or circumstance to warrant a wheel chair. Either way the hospital version of these are not comfortable. The 3 full hours down there caused some distress to the overall total experience – Ophthalmology sure doesn’t live up to the standard of care we have gotten used to in the Neurosurgery area. There was a time when things turned blue – due to the time, comfort level, and the lure of that ‘hospital spa’ awaiting Judy’s return. The blue was not a vision thing, it was a lip thing; and I can assure there is nothing wrong with those lips! Nor that vocabulary. This is one time I was glad we were in a francophone environment hopefully only 1/2 of them understood.

We arrive back on the floor @ 12:30. Told to eat lunch quickly (that won’t be too much of an ask as the only appealing thing on the tray was orange jello “whatever that is, it smells like cat food” was Judy’s comment as I lifted the lid on the roast beef). 1:00 we would be heading down to surgery again for an Angiogram, a similar procedure that was done in surgery on the 24th, this time with a camera on the end of the scope – time to check out their work by taking pictures. I’m glad they take pride in their work. 3 more hours later and we are back in the room – with special instructions:

Must lay completely flat and quiet (this was an invasive procedure)
Must keep legs still and straight (to prevent damage to the incision into the artery)
Must eat while laying down (medication needs to be taken with food)
All this for the next 5 hours
This became a battle. The patient from hell vs.nurse Kratched. 1 more hour to go! I have a knew appreciation for nurses – Judy doesn’t.

The update for today:

Headaches are becoming less intense and less frequent
Walking short distances (bathroom and back) without walker
Appetite is improving (food is not)
Double vision on left side is still prevalent, the Opthamologist suggests this will vanish with time (2 +/- months)
Physio Therapy tomorrow, Judy is anxious about stairs.

We are thinking of home. Home sweet home.

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